Leather vs. Synthetics for Storage Gear
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Leather vs. Synthetics for Storage Gear

Leather vs. Synthetics for Storage Gear

When you purchase storage bags for your motorcycle, you’ll typically find two material options available.

You can purchase leather or synthetic material to protect your cargo while you’re putting down the miles.

Although both options have specific benefits to consider, one might be better than the other for some riders. That’s why it is crucial to review each material’s performance attributes before selecting the bags you need for storage.

Why Choose Leather for Your Storage Gear?

Leather is a highly durable material that has enough flexibility to manage most cycling needs. It’s made from the tanning process that occurs for rawhide and animal skins.

Although cattle leather is the primary option you’ll find in the marketplace, almost any skin can get modified to produce the storage bags you need for your motorcycle.

What makes leather such a unique option is that it can be molded and decorated to an almost infinite extend. When it is appropriately waterproofed, it can handle whatever the weather throws your way when you’re riding.

Leather is often effortless to clean, although it is a little heavier than the other materials you could get for your storage requirements. If you don’t take care of it, cracking can occur as time passes, eventually requiring you to replace the item.

Why Choose Synthetics for Your Storage Gear?

When you have synthetic materials used for your motorcycle storage gear, you’re taking an eco-friendly approach to your needs. You don’t need to worry about using animal products when investing in this option.

You’ve got several synthetic material choices to consider in this category for your luggage. Although polyester is the most popular option with its rip-stop capabilities, you can also find acetate, acrylic, nylon, Lastex, Orlon, and Kevlar available.

Some synthetic materials provide natural fibers to create a hybrid material. It’s not unusual to use poly and cotton to create something that’s flexible and durable. If the luggage is waterproofed, you would have an affordable way to bring the items you need to any destination.

The one advantage that synthetics have over leather is the general breathability of the material. When you compare the two items, you’ll find more chemicals used in the creation process here than you do when preparing animal skins.

What Is the Verdict: Leather vs. Synthetics?

When you’re out on the road all day with important cargo on your motorcycle, is it better to have leather or synthetic materials serving as the foundation for your product?

If you don’t mind carrying a little extra weight with your ride, leather is almost always the better option. Although it doesn’t have rip-stop capabilities, its overall durability is still incredible.

Leather cleans well, is easy to maintain, and adds value to the ride.

When you need storage options that are lightweight and breathable, synthetic materials are the better choice. You’ll get more air circulation while keeping the costs low.

The choice for your needs depends on how you ride and what you prefer. The truth is that both options are viable.

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