How to Pick the Right Motorcycle Boots
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How to Pick the Right Motorcycle Boots

How to Pick the Right Motorcycle Boots

When you want to pick out a new pair of motorcycle boots, the process isn’t as straightforward as when you need new sneakers or flats. This footwear comes with numerous specialized features that make the product sometimes tricky to size appropriately.

That’s the reason why many motorcycle riders struggle to find the proper boots to meet their needs.

This brief guide will take you through the different boots you can find in stores and online so that you know how they should fit. You can also find your boot size so that the next pair works as expected.

What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Boots?

You have several boot styles to consider when shopping for footwear in this category. Each option has specific features to review.

Street Boots:Most riders prefer this footwear option since it works well on the road. You’ll find numerous shapes and styles, with some options even passing for streetwear. The best options are waterproof to ensure you can ride all year long.
Track Boots:When you want more protection for your feet, this style is the one you’ll enjoy. It provides more help for the twists, slides, and extensions that are sometimes needed when navigating curves. You’ll get more tactile feedback with this option, and the hard parts are typically replaceable.
Touring Boots:If you put on a lot of miles each year with your bike (or anticipate doing so), this option delivers the all-day comfort you need for long-distance trips. They’re typically waterproofed already, feature advanced torsional protection, and provide practical results where you need the most help.
Dirt Boots:When you do more off-roading with your motorcycle than street touring, you might consider getting this footwear instead. You’ll have more protection for your feet, ankles, shins, and leg from potential injuries. They come in unique colors while delivering better armor. That means they’re not the most comfortable items for walking around the mall.
Adventure Boots:With this option, you’ll split the difference between touring and dirt boots to create an adventurous experience. Most choices are waterproof and rugged to ensure that you can withstand whatever problems might come your way. If you use your motorcycle as an all-around vehicle, this choice makes the most sense.

How to Find the Right Boot Size

The easiest way to find the right boot size for your needs is to use a Brannock device. That’s the sliding measurement tool that you can find at most stores. If you don’t own one, your local H-D dealership or another retailer that sells motorcycle footwear can help you out.

Place your heel in the device. Once you have the foot firmly placed, make the necessary adjustments to determine the length and width you need.

If you have larger feet (above size 15 for men and 14 for women), you’ll need physical measurements taken.

Once you have that information, compare it to the specs provided by the motorcycle boots you prefer. That will help you get into the best pair possible!

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