Best Fly Fishing Spots in the United States
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Best Fly Fishing Spots in the United States

Best Fly Fishing Spots in the United States

When the sun starts to rise above the horizon, you’ve got the right time to start fly fishing. Can you imagine the crisp and cool air filling your lungs?

One of the best reasons to try fly fishing is the environment where you’ll be working. Whether you stand on a riverbank or step into a stream, the sound of running water provides a unique way to relax.

As you guide those flies to settle on the water, even a bad day out there with no bites is still better than sitting in some office.

That’s why it might help to take your next vacation at one of these incredible fly fishing spots in the United States.

Where Are the Best Places for Fly Fishing in America?

1. Missoula, Montana

You’ll find lots of rivers and streams that are perfect for fly fishing in this state, but you’ll appreciate the combination of amenities, camping, and other lodging options when staying here. Two rivers offer a potential bounty to pursue: the Blackfoot and the Bitterroot. It’s an excellent spot for trout, quiet casting, and the famous big skies Montana is known to offer all year long.

2. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This small town serves as the gateway between a trip to Aspen and moving further west to Moab. It’s where three rivers come together, and the fly fishing is super simple because park trails in town take you right to the water’s edge. You can even journey a little further down the highway to do some casting in the Colorado River, although damming in the area can impact your exact location.

3. Ashville, North Carolina

When you want to do some fly fishing in the Appalachians, this community provides one of the best spots that you can find. Although you’ll be mainly pursuing brook trout, that wily species can give you a run for your money! If you do end up getting a stringer from your efforts, you’ll discover that the catches found here are some of the best in the world today.

4. Grayling, Michigan

If you prefer to do your fly fishing during the fall months, you might consider coming to this Midwestern destination to cast a line. When the colors start changing in the leaves, that’s an indicator that some of the biggest trout that you’ve ever seen are ready to start biting the flies you flick out to the water. Spacing is limited, which means you’ll want to reserve your spot well in advance to enjoy this trip each year.

5. South Holston, Tennessee

Although expert anglers will enjoy this spot, it’s a little harder for beginners to get the knack of fly fishing in this river. You’ll find several communities in the area that support this outdoor activity, allowing you to arrive and rent equipment instead of packing your stuff. It’s usually necessary to stay on the shore, but there are a few shallows where the currents aren’t that strong.

Where are some of your favorite spots to go fly fishing each year?

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