How to Protect Your Motorcycle While Camping
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How to Protect Your Motorcycle While Camping

How to Protect Your Motorcycle While Camping

When you take some time away from home, camping feels like a great way to relax and disconnect. If you hop on your motorcycle with a few supplies packed in those saddlebags, the anticipation of a great adventure can turn the worst day into something better.

Once you arrive at your preferred campground, you’ll discover that there aren’t many safe spots to park your motorcycle. What if adverse weather comes during your stay? Could someone come by in the middle of the night to steal your wheels?

When you camp, you’ll have some risks to assume with the experience. There are also some ways where you can protect your investment.

An Essential Guide to Camping with Motorcycles

1. Stay at an organized facility instead of a backcountry venue.

If you want to camp while riding a motorcycle, one of your best options is to stay at a KOA. This organization provides formal spaces where you can pitch a tent, stay in a cabin, and have a reasonable security expectation. You don’t need to bring food at many locations, with many businesses offering a general store, complimentary breakfast, and other benefits.

One of the best items you can pack is a camping stove. Most KOAs sell portable propane bottles, allowing you to make meals right at your site.

2. Park the motorcycle next to your tent.

Instead of keeping your motorcycle next to the road, street, or trail, park the bike right next to where you intend to sleep. It’ll be much harder for someone to sneak around your site at night when they have to do something to your bike where you are. If you have the packing space, it helps to bring a locking cover that connects to your tent. At that point, the work to grab your stuff makes you a less favorable mark.

3. Use disc locks.

If you run a disc lock through the front wheel of your motorcycle, an enterprising thief can still remove it and walk your bike away. That’s why it is more effective to use this option through the rear spokes instead. Some alarmed versions are available if you want to make sure that no one can grab your stuff without you knowing about it.

4. Put it into the cabin.

When there is enough space in your cabin to store your bike, you might consider sleeping in the same area as your motorcycle. Once it is out of sight, no one will even remember that you’ve got it at the campsite. If that option isn’t available, a cheap dust cover can still deter an opportunist.

5. Blend in with the background.

Another option is to start camping where other bikers will be. Once your motorcycle joins with all of the others, you’re less likely to experience trouble. Even if something happens, the cycling community is like a family. They’ll help you find the culprit.

Camping with a motorcycle can present some challenges, but they are all reasonably easy to solve.

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