Best Places to Take Your Motorcycle Camping in the United States
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Best Places to Take Your Motorcycle Camping in the United States

Best Places to Take Your Motorcycle Camping in the United States

When you want to take your motorcycle on a fun camping trip, you’ll find some fantastic destinations spread out across the country.

Although all of the national parks offer something fun for the experience, you’ll want to consider taking your motorcycle to one of the following destinations.

Where Are the Best Campgrounds for Bikers in the US?

1. Hocking Hills

You won’t find a more beautiful spot in the country than this Ohio region. You’ll find caves, rock climbing, and hiking adventures are plentiful here. After you arrive on your bike, make sure that you visit Old Man’s Cave to see if it is actually haunted. Some travelers say that a recluse comes to some campgrounds to chat with people before disappearing into the night.

If you’re not a fan of packing a tent into your saddlebags, you can rent cabins from several providers in the region for an affordable price.

2. Fort Worden State Park

This Washington masterpiece takes you right to the shores of Admiralty Inlet, allowing you to stay in one of the Triangle of Power forts established during World War II to protect the West Coast. You can stay in the barracks, pitch a tent, or sleep under the stars near the beach. There’s a lighthouse to explore, lots of Victorian homes in the area to see, and boat rentals to consider if you want to get to know the region.

3. Yosemite

Although Yellowstone tends to get the most love, you cannot ignore all of the beautiful wonders that are available in the Yosemite Valley. Although the park will be limited day-use options for the summer of 2021, you can still enjoy some camping when you arrive with your motorcycle. Many spots have trails that connect to the best places in the park to see, allowing you to have a wonderful experience on a beautiful day.

4. Tikaboo Peak

You’ll find this fun campground for bikers on one of the tallest mountains in Nevada. It’s also one of the few places where you can spy on Area 51, which is just north of Las Vegas. Since you’ll be on public land with this adventure, it’ll take some effort to climb up to the site. That means you’ll want to make sure your motorcycle boots are in excellent condition. Once you see some of the signs that warn you against trespassing, you’ll know it is time to stop.

5. White Mountain National Forest

When you want more of a rugged adventure, this spot is the place to be with your motorcycle. It’s particularly magical when you see the leaf colors peaking in autumn. Several campgrounds are there for you to enjoy, offering hundreds of sites to enjoy. It’s another fantastic spot if you enjoy some climbing.

When you get the urge to camp, pack your bags and hop on your motorcycle to explore these destinations. Not only will you enjoy the journey, but you’ll also have fun getting away from everything for a while!

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