Top Highways to Open Up Your Throttle
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Top Highways to Open Up Your Throttle

Top Highways to Open Up Your Throttle

When you want to enjoy the open road, it’s a lot of fun to open up the throttle on your bike. Although the Interstate system in the United States creates a straight shot between major urban centers, it isn’t always the most fun to ride.

You can also expect the speed limits on the Interstate highways to be strictly enforced.

When you use the older highway systems that stretched across the United States before the superhighways got built, you’ll have more opportunities to open up the throttle. These road trips can also take you to some of the country’s best small towns to create some fantastic memories.

Best Highways for Riding a Motorcycle in the US

1. The Triple Nickel

Ohio State Route 555 provides 62 miles of adventure to enjoy. Although it isn’t a technical course for bikers, it does offer a combination of tight corners and high-speed sweepers so that everyone can enjoy something. When you visit this stretch in the fall, you’ll find some beautiful colors awaiting your arrival.

2. The Top of the World

Once you’ve taken the work to ride up to Alaska, you’ll start this highway adventure in the small town of Jack Wade. You’ll follow Alaska 5 from there, have decent tires on your bike, and make sure your passport or ID is updated. It’ll turn into Yukon 9 once you cross the border.

3. The Twisted Sisters

This highway is actually three different roads: FM 335, 336, and 337. You’ll find plenty of curves waiting for you here, with the route starting near San Antonio. You’ll cover about 100 miles if you take the loop, rolling through the farm country while enjoying some of the rustic southwestern scenery.

4. The Mount Washington Auto Road

Although this highway is a 7.6-mile toll road, it’s still one of the most stunning places for your motorcycle trip. It opened in 1904 to host what has become the oldest automobile race in the country. Several competitive events are still held here each year. It’s technical and tight, taking you from 1,500 feet at the bottom to over 6,000 feet at the summit.

5. The Snake

This fun highway is found in Tennessee, about 200 miles north of the Great Smoky Mountains. It might be the most underrated spot to take your motorcycle right now, offering 30 miles of tight radius turns and non-stop switchbacks. You’ll even encounter a few tunnels along the way.

6. The Lake Michigan Highway

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Great Lakes from the saddle, there’s no better highway than M-22 in Michigan. You’ll start in Onekama, traveling north for 117 miles until you reach the Leelanau Peninsula. One of the country’s best natural attractions, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, is part of this trip.

When you want to enjoy a road trip on your bike where you can open up the throttle, these highways deliver some fantastic results. Where are some of the best favorite places where you ride your bike?

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