Top Off-Road Trails That Let You Ride Your Motorcycle
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Top Off-Road Trails That Let You Ride Your Motorcycle

Top Off-Road Trails That Let You Ride Your Motorcycle

One of the best ways to enjoy life with a motorcycle is to explore a new off-road trail. Although some of them aren’t created for motorized equipment, you’ll find many places in the United States that welcome bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and more.

You can explore some rugged mountains, travel along sand dunes, are rumble along the ocean when there’s an off-road trail available.

Here are some of the best options that you’ll find for your motorcycle today.

List of the Best Off-Road Trails for Motorcycles

1. Imperial Sand Dunes

Also known as Glamis, you’ll get to explore the most extensive set of sand dunes in California when exploring these off-road trails. This area is one of the largest OHV recreational areas in the country. Some of the dunes are up to 40 miles long and over five miles wide, reaching up to 300 feet in elevation.

2. Taylor Park

This Colorado masterpiece is the perfect spot for an adventure motorcycle. It’s like having a giant mountain that gets turned into a playground. Several trails are out there for you to enjoy, with mud often found throughout the year. You’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing something that you don’t mind getting dirty!

3. Wayne National Forest

You’ll find some gorgeous riding opportunities out here with the four trail systems found in the forest. There are over 145 miles to see, with lots of Midwestern dirt to spray up in the area. Some of the spots are only 50 inches wide, which means your motorcycle can fit in places that an OHV can’t navigate.

4. Mud Creek Off-Road Park

This series of off-road trails take you through the mountains of Texas, providing over 3,700 acres of access across rolling hills and small creeks. The roads are wide enough for virtually any vehicles, but it’s also a great spot to start practicing on the softer surfaces for your motorcycle. When the blue skies are shining big, there’s no better spot to be!

5. Moser Creek Trail

When you see the combination of mountains, cliffs, canyons, and rivers that are found in the Emerald Lake area, you’ll want to go off-roading every day! Bikes are only permitted during certain months and hours to keep you safe, so you’ll want to think about your schedule before heading off for an adventure. You can choose to rough it in the backcountry or stay at a 5-star resort when you’re finished to enjoy that extra bit of fun.

6. Denali Highway

With over 135 miles to explore, you’ll find some of the best off-road motorcycle trails on the planet here. Don’t forget to look up to see the breathtaking views from the towering mountains. It’s called Alaska Route 8, doesn’t get much traffic, and runs from Cantwell to Paxson. The road is closed from October until May each year.

Where are some of the best places that you’ve gone off-roading with your motorcycle in recent days?

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