How to Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Ride During the COVID Era
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How to Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Ride During the COVID Era

How to Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Ride During the COVID Era

When you want to get outside to enjoy some fresh air, you have the standard precautions to take that would happen with every ride. It would be best if you geared up, wear some armor in strategic places, and ensure that your helmet fits correctly.

With COVID-19 out there, some people wonder if they need to take their personal protection to a new level. You’ve probably seen riders wearing masks under their helmets or using hand sanitizer the moment they take off their gloves.

Although some personal protective measures make sense, others may be unnecessary. It is always wise to check on the state and local guidelines before hopping on your bike to take a ride.

How to Manage Life with COVID While Riding

1. Ride your motorcycle in a looped route.

When lockdowns or restrictions are in place in your community, the best option for riding your bike is to take things in a loop. Start and end at your home. If you keep the ride short without any stops, you won’t need to worry about encountering any personal reactions. Social experiences are still possible when using an app like Rever to connect with others.

2. Keep track of the hazards.

Although the roads are still a little emptier than they were pre-COVID, you still need to think about the potential hazards that exist out there. Anything from surface debris to wildlife could put you in a dangerous situation. If you stay alert, you’ll have more opportunities to anticipate the problems that might come your way. It’s not a time to push the limits.

3. Take advantage of an empty parking lot.

If you want to ride while practicing your low-speed skills, an empty parking lot serves as the perfect playground for your motorcycle. Another option would be a parking garage with free entry and exit. Since many businesses won’t be operating at full capacity for the foreseeable future, you’ll have plenty of space to work on counterbalance, body positioning, and braking before it’s time to have the full-time commute return.

4. Ride your motorcycle to the backcountry.

Urban communities often have more restrictions on where you can go or what you can do than rural areas. If you want to get out of your home, it might help to drive to a local park, state reserve, or a natural recreational area. It’s a great time for you to work on your riding skills with soft surfaces, and the fresh air will limit your potential exposure risks dramatically. Even if you never stop, the beautiful views can make it feel like you’ve found some freedom again.

5. Keep everything at home.

If you have time on your hands because of a lockdown or quarantine, you’ve got some time to work on your motorcycle. Now might be the time to install those upgrades, check the oil, adjust the chain tensioner, and all of those other tasks.

One day, the COVID era will be over. Life will feel like it is getting back to normal. When it arrives, you’ll want your motorcycle ready for that road trip on Day 1.

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