Best Places for Surf Fishing in the United States
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Best Places for Surf Fishing in the United States

Best Places for Surf Fishing in the United States

When you want to do some surf fishing, the best places in the United States are along the eastern, southern, or western coasts. These saltwater destinations provide ample opportunities to catch several species, especially when you arrive around dawn or dusk.

If you’re ready to hop onto your motorcycle to have a great time, here are the surf fishing destinations you’ll want to consider today.

List of the Best Places for Surf Fishing in the United States

1. Miami, FL

You’ll find plenty of fishing yachts in the city’s harbor, but it is the beach surf where all of the action tends to be. Let everyone else waste their time going after swordfish, sailfish, and tarpon out in the deeper seas. When you catch a massive haul from the shore, you’ll be quietly chuckling to yourself while enjoying a fresh beachside meal at a fraction of the cost.

2. Cape Cod, MA

This historic spot is known for the bluefin tuna that like to swim offshore. Although you can become instantly rich if you catch one, the better choice is to find a quiet spot on the beach to cast your line. The action is better in May and June when the striped bass is in the area. Even if you come away empty-handed, the historic lighthouses, sandy beaches, and other sights make it a wonderful sight to behold.

3. Galveston, TX

When you drive up to this location, you’ll be fishing at the spot where the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay meet. You can find flounder, black drum, sheepshead, trout, and redfish with your surfcasting. The weather makes this destination a fun spot for year-round experiences, which means any time is an excellent time for hopping on your motorcycle or into your vehicle.

4. Montauk, NY

This spot is often called the fishing capital of the world. You won’t find a more popular site north of Florida to cast a line. The giant fish schools that swim up Long Island Sound come here, making it an excellent spot for anglers that prefer to do some surf fishing. Although the harbor is fully commercialized, you can still find some quiet places where the line zings into the waves to create a tempting target.

5. Seattle, WA

When you visit the Emerald City, you don’t need to go all of the way to the coast to enjoy some surf fishing. If you want to stay in Seattle, you can cast lines directly into Elliott Bay. A short ferry ride lets you try Bainbridge Island or the Admiralty Inlet. If you venture up to Whidbey Island (another ferry ride), you’ll have lots of quiet shores to enjoy for your adventure.

There are plenty of excellent fishing spots in the United States where you can take your motorcycle and go. If you’re ready to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, these are the first spots you’ll want to add to your itinerary!

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