Harley-Davidson Is Serious About King of the Baggers
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Harley-Davidson Is Serious About King of the Baggers

Harley-Davidson Is Serious About King of the Baggers

It is fair to say that 2020 will be a year that lives in infamy for many of us. All of the jokes that writers put out there about the year being one that could give us perfect vision feel like karma decided to have the last say.

When we look at 2020 from the motorcycle racing world, the inaugural King of the Baggers event stands out. This wild event featured big-bore baggers at the storied Laguna Seca track.

It was held in October, making it one of 2020’s best success stories. MotoAmerica recently announced its return for the 2021 season, and plenty of big names are lining up to support the endeavor.

The first name in that line is Harley-Davidson.

H-D Plans to Field a Factory Team

Harley-Davidson announced that they’d be fielding a factory team for the King of the Baggers event. Instead of being a single race, the 2021 design features a three-round series held in conjunction with MotoAmerica’s HONOS Superbike series.

Why is H-D getting serious about the King of the Baggers event in 2021? Although the company hasn’t released anything but the basic details of what to expect, we imagine that they’re looking to avenge their second-place finish from the inaugural event.

The Screamin’ Eagle factory team will race a race-prepped Road Glide Special for the 2021 King of the Baggers. They’ve hired professional rider Kyle Wyman to steer the team toward victory on the most powerful street-compliant engine that comes from the brand today.

That engine is a monster, claiming up to 131 foot-pounds of torque on a 2,147cc design. Although it seems like the figures are a little exaggerated, multiple third-party testing has confirmed the specs that Harley-Davidson initially released.

Wyman won the Dayton 200 in 2019, placed seventh in the 2020 HONOS Superbike Series, and finished fourth in the King of the Baggers inaugural event. He’s ready to bring home a trophy, and Harley-Davidson seems willing to take whatever steps are necessary to make that happen.

Harley-Davidson Is Offering a Contingency Program

In addition to providing the factory team for the King of the Baggers series, Harley-Davidson offers a contingency program. If you’re a qualified Harley racer who competes in the series, you may qualify for the $30,000 incentive. It’s another carrot to help draw out some potential riders to provide H-D’s dominance in this area.

MotoAmerica planned to expand King of the Baggers to a five-round series after its initial race. Still, those plans had to get modified because there wasn’t enough track time available for all of the competitions expected at Barber Motorsports Park. All of them were removed from the schedule.

To qualify for the King of the Baggers event, riders must use an American V-twin touring bike with a windscreen/fairing and saddlebags. It’s open to any qualified AMA license holders, with championship points tallied at each round. A national champion will get crowned at the end of the season.

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