Best Items to Add to Your Motorcycle
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Best Items to Add to Your Motorcycle

Best Items to Add to Your Motorcycle

If you’ve just purchased your first motorcycle, then congratulations are in order. You’re about to start on an exciting adventure!

When you get a bike that meets your needs, it often feels like you’ve got everything you’ve always wanted. What you may not know is that several upgrades to your motorcycle could enhance the riding experience.

Whether you want to bolster your bike’s performance, add a few amenities, or make the motorcycle’s style closer to your own, here are the best ways to create the ride you want without spending a fortune.

What Are the Best Upgrades to Get for a Motorcycle?

1. Tires

Before you make any other modification to your bike, consider purchasing high-quality tires for it. You won’t find anything more valuable to improve the overall performance of your ride. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to create a marked change in your experience. This investment can bolster grip, improve traction, and create a vastly better cornering experience on the road.

2. Crash Protection

Motorcycles are quite heavy. Some of the largest models out there come up to around 1,000 pounds! If you’re just learning how to ride, dropping the bike should be an expectation. It happens to everyone. The problem is that when it tips, bad outcomes happen. Instead of scratching up your bodywork, consider adding crash protection pieces to your frame to reduce the damage that occurs if you end up laying it down.

3. Rearsets

If you want to develop the proper riding technique for your motorcycle, you must have the right combination of geometry and sizing. Your bike must fit your height accurately to achieve this result. When you add this item to your ride, you’ll end up getting the footpegs you need to stay comfortable while maintaining control. Although stock items are available, installing a custom set ensures you get the customization you need.

4. Tank Pads

When you use your motorcycle for sport riding, you’ll be leaning over the bike a lot when you’re on the road. That means your outside knee must hook the tank for support. If you use your arms to manage the weight through the handlebars, you’re doing the cornering wrong. This accessory increases your stability by offering an improved grip. Not only is this upgrade affordable, but it is also straightforward to install.

5. Storage

Riding a motorcycle is one of the best experiences that life offers. It’s a fun way to add more adventure into any routine! The only problem with most designs is that the amount of storage you receive is about zero. You’ll want to consider investing in tail bags, tank bags, saddlebags, hard cases, or a motorcycle backpack to ensure you’ve got what you need.

With hundreds of potential upgrades available, you can turn any motorcycle into a customized machine without spending a fortune. Although these investments are often a priority, the ultimate goal should be to have fun. If you can do that on stock equipment, then enjoy the day!

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