National Parks You Should See on Your Motorcycle
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National Parks You Should See on Your Motorcycle

National Parks You Should See on Your Motorcycle

When you plan a fun motorcycle trip, either solo or with family and friends, one of the best destinations to choose is a national park.

In the United States, you’ll discover over 60 national parks that are waiting for you to start exploring from your bike. There are countless more monuments, preservation areas, and protected spaces for you to enjoy.

If you’re looking for some ideas for your next trip, here are some suggestions that can help you plan a fun vacation or holiday.

What Are the Best National Parks to Visit on a Motorcycle?

1. Yellowstone National Park

The granddaddy of them all is still the best place to take your motorcycle. Yellowstone has a protected area that’s larger than some countries, ensuring that you’ve got plenty of space to roam and explore. You can see Old Faithful, visit the gorgeous pools, or spend a day watching the waterfalls. Watch out for the bears and the bison!

2. Grand Canyon National Park

The world’s largest canyon is a sight to behold. It covers almost 1.2 million acres, which means you’ve got lots of space to open up that throttle. You can access the area from the North or South rim, each providing a different perspective on this natural wonder. Several pullouts are available along Route 64 so that you can enjoy the entire experience.

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

You won’t find a busier national park in the United States, but its beauty still shines through even with 11 million visitors each year. It was dedicated in 1934, straddling the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Some of the most beautiful Appalachian roads are found here, including three fantastic options for a motorcycle road trip. You can also see Cades Cove, the Cataloochee Valley, and numerous waterfalls.

4. Zion National Park

Although this national park is somewhat smaller than the others you’ll find in Utah, it’s often the best one for a motorcyclist to enjoy. You can ride through all of the scenery instead of seeing it from a viewpoint, which is why it’s such an inviting experience. Although the park is only 146,000 acres, the 15-mile Zion Canyon is a place you’ll want to see.

5. Acadia National Park

You’ll find this beautiful spot on Mount Desert Island along the southern coast of Maine. It’s the only spot of its type in the northeast, welcoming about 4 million visitors each year. About 49,000 acres are available to tour, and plenty of wildlife is out there to find. When you ride along the rocky Atlantic shores, you’ll find some of the most beautiful sights in the area to enjoy.

6. Mount Rainier National Park

With over 360 square miles available to explore, you’ll find everything from old-growth forests to alpine creeks waiting for you to see from your motorcycle. The largest glacier in the lower 48 is also located there, and you can find everything from black bears to mountain lions in the area.

Where do you plan to visit with your motorcycle in the coming year?

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